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Self-medication, the practice of purchasing and administering drugs on oneself without ever consulting a doctor or some medical practitioner for a prescription, could be a self-issued passport to death.
Data from the Brazilian association of pharmaceutical industries indicate that at least 20,000 deaths are caused by self-medication in Brazil alone.

That's a country with some measure of drug regulation. Imagine the situation in Ghana where there are no such regulations and where the illiteracy and poverty levels are higher. Isn't it a great pity that we don't even have the statistics to count our losses?

Overall, people around the world are becoming aware of the importance of practicing self-care. In Portugal (2004), 64% of consumers share the opinion that it is “[their] duty to know and understand [their] body”.

The trend for the future is clear and illustrated in a Canadian survey (2005) where 44% of consumers said that they had practiced more self-care over the past year than the year before, and 52% expected to be practicing more self-care in future years.

Ninety percent (90%) of them agreed that it is important for Governments to provide the public with tools to practice self-care. (W.S.M.I, 2014).

MobiDoct is a mobile application that delivers professional self-care and diagnostic tools to every user regardless of geo-graphic locations.

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